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October 6, 2011
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CANONICAL MARIO WEB VERSION 2 by thisolddeviantart CANONICAL MARIO WEB VERSION 2 by thisolddeviantart
OR: The one project that will probably (read: hopefully) Never be completed.

A somewhat simplified version of the other one, hopefully easier to read.

When a line passes through other lines, but doesn't touch them, it's not meant to have anything to do with them. When a line splits, all things it points to are linked. When you see those coloured lines, don't freak out or anything, especially about how they've been cut or something, it's just that I couldn't find a way to wrap them around the huge great big middle part of the image.

Oh, also?

Mario is six steps removed from dragonball.

Just sayin'.

EDIT: Okay, so some people have asked me exactly what this means in terms of what's in what world.

I'll try to explain.

There are two kinds of links here.

First, a link from one series to the other. IE; Mario to Zelda. However, both Mario and Zelda link to other series, too. I find that it is least mind-bending to, when writing a crossover, specify how many steps apart you want to take it. As in, saying: "I want to make a Mario and Zelda crossover, and everything that they directly link to will be in it too." Or, "I want to make a Mario and Zelda crossover, and everything up to one step further will be in too." Doing so takes the pressure off a writer far better than would be otherwise able, as you might feel that you absolutely MUST put in a reference to all of those things, or worse, absolutely MUST make a character of all those things and MUST give them equal screen-time. Which, unless you're doing a Baton-Passing sort of story, will very rarely end well.

Lastly, a link that links to a specific crossover, like Acadamy Of Champions, or Battle Stadium D.O.N. Seeing as how these characters have canonically appeared as themselves together, one may take this to mean that those characters co-exist in their universe. IE; if you link to Assassin's creed, you basically link to Rayman, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia and Beyond Good And Evil as well. The other examples of this are The Infestation, Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue, Sega Crossovers, Mario&Sonic, Mario Kart/DK Racing Games, Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Street Fighter X Tekken, DC Vs. Mortal Kombat, and Avengers Vs. JLA. (Note: The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen MIGHT count as this, depending on how lenient you are with the source material. Either it Retcons all the different universes together, or it is essentially fanfiction itself).

Special Note: Super Smash Bros. is not on this list, because all the characters represented in it are essentially only toys of the characters they represent, and therefore you are not literally playing as Link, or Pikachu, or Mario. It was always like that. It's essentially the same reason as Metal Gear not linking to Mario, despite having references to it: It is not an In-Universe crossover. Luckily, the majority, if not all, of Smash Bros. worlds are already included in this list one way or another.

Special Note 2: Yes, DCU, Marvel Universe and Fusionfall: Cartoon Network Universe DO include all of their representative shows/characters, such as superman and batman for DC, spiderman and the hulk for Marvel, and Billy and Mandy and the Powerpuff Girls for Cartoon Network. I'm trying to save as much space as possible here, after all.

Special Note 3: I'm holding off on incorporating webcomics into this, unless they're officially published as books as well. That said, the only webcomic I know that links to it is Homestuck, via the Marvel Universe. If you fancy using that, feel free.
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Also, Marvel Universe crosses to Godzilla, which crosses to King Kong.
...these things are just uncountable.
this is why I get the feeling I might not do another one :'D
ShinFurevindo Sep 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Y'know, I might make one of these graphs myself some time since you said that you might not... There're so many ways to build on to it!

Like, Little Mac is connected to Mario, who referees in Punch Out, and to Donkey Kong, who he faces in the newer Punch Out, which connects to Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch Out, bringing the real world into the crossover and providing a stronger connection to Harry Potter than the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen cameo, because JK Rowling wrote one of her actual fans (Natalie McDonald) into the series as a student in Goblet of Fire...

Then, the Battle Stadium DON provides a connection to Jump Super Stars, and all of the animes that appear in it as well, which probably opens up a whole can of more crossovers...

Plus, there's the Mr. Saturn treasure in Kirby Super Star, which connects to Earthbound even without Smash (I didn't see it up there, could've missed it...).

Plus, the already-mentioned-below Playstation All-Stars connection... man, this is big!
Yeah, I could definitely add just a crazy amount more if I wanted to. I wasn't adding the real world on it though because really just about everything links to the real world in one way or another. It'd be kind of cheating the point, anybody can just say "I went to california and I saw the teen titans and wolverine at the same time" because they've both been there before. It's much more interesting to go via things like the Avengers/Justice League crossovers.
ShinFurevindo Oct 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Meh, true.
I heard somebody saying that everybody who likes Mario games and every shit that crosses over with them is a gay.
I must link this to that retard.
Well, by that logic, Playstation characters are also part of this multiverse. Why?

One character: RAIDEN from Metal Gear Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.

Play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon only takes ONE degree.
That's basically the idea here, yeah.

You're right, yknow. I haven't updated this in a long time, which is a shame, because all sorts of additional links have come to my attention since then, mostly through comicbook crossovers, but then there are some games like Battle Royal that help it along too.
And surprisingly, Kamen Rider.

Let's's a bit of an extra degree or more...Mario, Super Smash Bros, Metal Gear Solid, Battle Royale, Devil May Cry, Project X Zone, Super Robot Wars, Hero Senki (NES-Era game), Kamen Rider.

HUGE Multiverse.
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